Bamboo desk. Top right has an ombre orange mug with frothy coffee and a silver object which is the base of an iMac computer. Underneath is a black wireless keyboard. To the left, a white plate with charred tortilla with eggs and sausage on top.

Somehow, some way, you stumbled upon this little hidden gem. This blog will probably be like that box of crap from high school you found last summer. At first you’ll think, “oh God, why did I keep this?” and then realize the sentimental value it has and promptly shove it back into the dark abyss it came from. 

So what is this? That’s a great question, I’ll be sure to tell you when I figure it out. Other than, it’s my home on the internet. Here’s thing, as great as social media is it’s important to remember we are their product. If I’m going to have (not so) prolific thoughts, they should be belong somewhere on the internet that I control.

I expect sparkling beverages and food will be the main topics. There will be a sprinkling of self care and my views on topics. As I get going I’m sure it’s going to be a circus — but hopefully more of the Britney Spears kind and less of the American Horror Story kind.