Long-time friends, Ashley and myself have combined forces to host several Whole30 groups called Imperfectly Phil’d. Below is a sampling of some of the feedback we’ve received from our members.
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Working with Ashley & Phil was the best decision I could ever have made moving forward into my life. I have learned so much about myself, not only around food but around my habits and my relationship to life! Whether I was celebrating a win or needing extra support in a slump, they were always there to hold space for me to stay on track! Both of their shining personalities and extensive knowledge led me to Whole30 success. I am so thankful for these two and everything they have done to help me. Their passion for Whole30 is soooooo palpable through their embodiment as coaches! Whole30 OBSESSED!”

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Jesse K.

I had been thinking about doing the Whole30 for almost 7 months by the time I pulled the trigger… The idea of being lost and not being held accountable was a serious fear and concern of mine! Phil is a long-time college friend and fellow lover of all things delicious. Ashley is someone I have followed on Instagram for a few years, even before she became a coach. Instantaneously in 2019, I was HOOKED on this culture they had submerged themselves into. I loved the idea of eating and cooking WHOLESOME foods for my body and family… BUT RULES… NO WAY! (insert me laughing at myself now completing a Whole30). The months leading up to the decision, I could see that these Coaches were being given the ammunition from everyone from Whole30, compliant companies, cookbook authors to Melissa Urban HERSELF! I knew it was my time…. NOT ONLY did they make us feel incredibly supported through the ENTIRE journey, but they were incredibly knowledgeable. Many times, when I spoke to people who have done Whole30 before they said: “I am so glad you did it with a coach!” I didn’t get it at first…. But I truly am glad myself. Phil and Ashley went above and beyond to make sure we too had the tools to be successful, create an environment of acceptance and guiding, and made us giggle the whole way through. I DEFINITELY suggest using a coach for your first time through Whole30… and would only ever choose Phil and Ashley, Imperfectly Phil’d.

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Kari S.